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Most Popular Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency is a Digital Currency. It is the world's First Decentralized Digital Currency.
2021 was the best year for cryptocurrency, with Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others becoming popular names this year.
However, the Shiba Inu appeared to be the most viewed crypocurrency of 2021. It garnered over 188 million views during the last 12 months.
Bitcoin was the second most viewed cryptocurrency this year with 145 million views.
Bitcoin Quotes
And you know what? Dogecoin started as a joke and Shiba Inu was just a spin-off of it.
Cardano was the next most viewed cryptocurrency at 86 million.
Now let's see how the crypto market shapes up in 2022?
Cryptocurrency is spreading very fast day by day all over the world.
People are now starting to invest money in cryptocurrency and it is also being liked a lot.